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The Maker of Masters Ever

Who We Are

                MICE tries to be the best communicative English provider. Its motto is to make masters ever in our own life. Either they are from rural or urban it doesn’t matter to learn language.  So we take immense pleasure impartial of everyone to make masters ever.  MICE has been creating 1000s of masters and 100s of master’s makes all over Tamil Nadu in communicative English. It started creating masters from 2012.

The world of today is towards a change. A change that everyone need will be provided by the one & only MICE. We take pleasure in making such a change. What is change? Altering the present, we assure you that this alternation will surely have a great impact. Even our motto is towards a change in education change is not in syllabus but in the methodology of teaching.

“Change in education, makes a revolution”.



Hai this is A.Revathi the founder of Masters Institute Of Communicative English

“Our thoughts are our life

                 Be high in thoughts &

                        Be high in your life”

I feel very prestigious and pleasure to be the Managing Director for this master making institute. According to me learning English language is as simple as enjoying the aesthetic pleasure..My motto is to make this simple task reach everyone. I have started this institution with this intention. We assure you that we are able to give masters to this world. My cordial welcome to all the people who need to shine in this world as masters.



Hai it’s me the luckiest person A.Saravanakumar M.B.A., actually this is my life. I have faced so many challenges in my career to be communicative English trainer.

“ Before analyzing myself I’m unlucky

                        After analyzing myself I’m very lucky”

I want to insist this to others. Every human in this world has born with individual talents but only few realize as soon. I’m in that position to make them realize their talents in the field of language. My aim is to mold the students to speak in English. Mice has made my dream come true.

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